By Eric Olsen for

A debt collector is threatening to sue me and put a lien on my home. Can they really take my property over one debt that I can’t afford to pay? …

Her parents have saved nothing, so she’s getting a job herself. What should she do next?

By Howard Dvorkin, CPA

I’m 15 years old. I’ll go to college in a few years. My parents haven’t saved up any money, but I’m getting a job soon so I can start saving. Where should I put the money? A 529 plan? A Roth IRA? Somewhere else? I don’t…

By Deb Hipp for

Women already face obstacles to retiring securely, such as lower pay and possible time away from work for parenting or caregiving duties. …


Maybe you got an offer in your mailbox or inbox, telling you the amazing rates available to refinance your home. But if you are new to the home-owning game, you might not even understand what refinancing is. …

Don’t wait for the foreclosure and eviction moratorium to end. Here’s advice for homeowners and renters from 12 real estate and housing experts.


President Biden has signed an executive order asking federal agencies to extend the foreclosure and eviction moratorium. The order seeks to extend moratoriums that were set to expire at the end of January through March 31, 2021.[1] These moratoriums protect renters from eviction and homeowners from foreclosure due…

Make sure you’re up to the executor appointment before saying yes to a friend or relative.

By Deb Hipp for

Has a parent, sibling or friend asked you to be the executor for his or her estate? …

Scammers take a stab at preying on public health fears with COVID-19 schemes.

By Deb Hipp for

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning in December to Americans that scammers are using the public’s interest in COVID-19 vaccines to obtain personally identifiable information (PII) and money through a number of schemes.[1]

In December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized…

COVID-19 has changed how we think about our healthcare and our social lives. Will it change how we think about our finances?

By Joe Pye for

January 12, 2021

Long after the vaccines are injected and the pandemic has passed, COVID-19’s aftermath might linger for years. Perhaps none will be more profound than how Americans think about their money.

A new poll from and asked more than 1,000 working…

There’s more rumor than news right now, but here’s what Biden can legally do and what he can’t — and maybe shouldn’t.

By Joe Pye

When Joe Biden is sworn on Wednesday as the nation’s 46th president, he’ll be on the clock for all his campaign promises. One of those was about wiping out student loan balances for thousands — or was it millions? — of Americans.

“It’s holding people up,” Biden…

Millions of seniors failed to save enough to stop working, and now younger Americans are making their same mistakes

By Joe Pye for

My grandmother used to beg my grandfather to save money so they could one day stop working. She would say to him, “please, Fred, I don’t want to eat cat food when we retire.” …

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