College Grads: Bosses Are Hiring And They Want You

The graduating Class of 2018 has the best chances of landing a job straight out of school since the Great Recession hit.

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Eighty percent of companies are hiring new college grads compared to 74 percent last year, according to CareerBuilder. Forty-seven percent plan to increase starting salaries, too.

What jobs are bosses looking to fill?

Yes, overall hiring rates of new college grads are up higher this year, but some positions are more in-demand. Here’s what jobs bosses say they’re looking to fill…

  • Information technology: 31 percent
  • Customer service: 26 percent
  • Sales: 18 percent
  • Finance and accounting: 18 percent
  • Human resource: 15 percent
  • Production: 14 percent
  • Marketing and public relations: 10 percent
  • Clinical: 9 percent
  • Legal: 5 percent

More companies are increasing their starting salaries from last year, but eight percent are decreasing. And 45 percent aren’t making any changes. Overall bosses are more likely to pay recent college grads a higher yearly salary.

  • Plan to pay less than $30,000: 21 percent
  • Will pay between $30,000-$40,000: 23 percent
  • Starting pay for recent grads between $40,000-$50,000: 22 percent
  • Plan to pay more than $50,000: 33 percent

Just last year, reported job growth was up and companies were hiring more applicants fresh out of school. Despite concerns that they wouldn’t be prepared for the workforce, nearly three-quarters of bosses took a gamble on new college grads, according to a CareerBuilder study. Hiring rates have slowly been on the rise since the Great Recession, but why take a chance on a group of job applicants who lack experience?

“In the current environment, where job unemployment continues to decrease and there’s continued competition for sought-after skills, employers are especially attracted to college graduates, and the fresh perspective and skills they can bring to the workforce,” says CareerBuilder’s chief human resources officer Rosemary Haefner.

This doesn’t mean companies will just take anyone who just graduated college. On the job hunt, recent graduates can better their chances of landing a job by knowing what not to do.

Beware of these mistakes

Most (82 percent) bosses say that colleges prepare graduates for their job duties, but many struggle to find a job, and perform well in an interview. There are some things students can’t learn in a classroom. Bosses say that over the past year, over half of recent college graduates made these mistakes while looking for a job with their company…

  • Don’t ask any thing about the company: 35 percent
  • Forget to submit a cover letter: 31 percent
  • Don’t ask questions during the interview: 29 percent
  • Lack professional reference: 26 percent
  • Have poor grammar on their resume: 26 percent
  • Have embarrassing photos on their social media: 21 percent
  • Check their phone during the interview: 19 percent

Some of these mistakes are trends among recent college graduates. For instance just reported the eight biggest mistakes the Class of 2018 makes during job interviews. The most common? Forgetting to research the company and job they’re applying for.

Nearly two-thirds of hiring managers say that’s their biggest annoyance with young job applicants, according to a study from consulting firm Korn Ferry. Another third lie or exaggerate about their work experience. But, also in common with this study, hiring managers say they had applicants checking their phone. And 8 in 10 say they’ll check recent grads social media for embarrassing behavior.

So what should grads do to better their chances of landing the job? Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison says it’s not hiring managers’ responsibility to teach recent grads how to join the workforce. They need to take control of their own future.

“College graduates need to do more than change from their cap and gown — or the grubby jeans and T-shirt they wore every day in college,” Burnison says. “Transitioning to the workplace begins with taking control: being mentally prepared, knowing where they’d best fit, researching companies, and networking their way to make a connection.”

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