Young Women Are Learning More About Money Than Men reports on the differences between men and women’s financial knowledge frequently. For the first time in months, a study says women beat men in a financial literacy quiz.

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Women understand money more than they say

When asked if they completely understood financial and insurance-related terms, only 14 percent of millennial women said they did. But more than two times that amount correctly identifies the terms. Meanwhile, 34 percent of men thought they had the answers. But in reality, much less came through.

Times are changing whether all women notice

But results show millennial women are wrong in their reasoning. And what they know could be due to how they seek financial information. Thirty-eight percent of millennial women look to friends, family, and colleagues. Meanwhile, that same percentage of millennial men get advice through research online, like YouTube.

Women know more but earn less

Men earn more than women around the world. But believe it or not, the pay gap is more noticeable in the U.S. than it is in China. Women in China earn 12.7 percent less than men, while women in the U.S. earn 17.6 less, says a global survey from consulting firm Korn Ferry.

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